Commitment to Indigenous Australians by the Council of the City of Greater Dandenong

Category: Event
Date: 7 July 1995
Sub Category:Statement of Commitment/Intention
Place:Eastern suburbs of Melbourne
State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Subject Matter:Reconciliation | Local Government
Summary Information:
The Commitment to Indigenous Australians was signed on the 7 July 1995 for and on behalf of the Council of the City of Greater Dandenong and on behalf of the Indigenous community by the Chairperson of the Aboriginal Cooperative Ltd.
Detailed Information:
The Commitment reads: The Council of the City of Greater Dandenong acknowledges that Indigenous Australians are the first people of this land. They have survived over two centuries of persecution and neglect. We acknowledge and grieve for the losses of the Indigenous Australian people, their land, their children, their health and their lives. We acknowledge the right of Indigenous Australians to live according to their own values and customs. The newly created City of Greater Dandenong is a diverse community of people, many of whom have immigrated from all over the world to make their home here. Others have sought refuge in this land, finding it a safe haven. They share with Indigenous Australians the experience of dispossession, the loss of land, family and livelihood. As the Council of this new City, we pledge ourselves to continue working to create a community where all may feel welcome, free and accepted. We commit ourselves to work for the elimination of every form of racism, or discrimination in our community. We commit ourselves to respect identified Aboriginal sacred sites and special places and assist with the education of the broader community about Aboriginal heritage and culture and the facts of non-Indigenous settlement in this country. On behalf of this multicultural city, we commit ourselves to support and work with our Indigenous community for the building of a truly just and free society to which we all aspire. We honour the wisdom and strength of the aboriginal culture and spirit, to which we look in shaping the future.

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