Illmargani Deed of Co-existence

Date: 1 July 2000
Sub Category:Indigenous Partnership
Place:'North Yancho', Bollon, South west Queensland
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Subject Matter:Recognition Agreement / Acknowledgement | Reconciliation | Native Title | Environmental Heritage
Summary Information:
The Illmargani Deed of Co-existence was signed on the 1 July 2000. The Deed was made between Kerry and Camilla Cowley and family, the owners of a sheep and cattle property ‘North Yancho’ in southwest Queensland and the Gunggari People of southwest Queensland. The Deed is tied to the declaration of a Nature Refuge at a place called Illmargani on North Yancho, which is listed on the State Register. The Nature Reserve has been registered on the title to the property in perpetuity. A Conservation Agreement was also entered into in relation to the Nature Refuge and one of the conditions of the Conservation Agreement is that the Gunggari people have access to the Refuge in recognition of their traditional ownership of the land.
Detailed Information:
In 1996 the Gunggari People lodged a native title claim over the property at North Yancho. The owners of the property spent four years trying to find a way to have an agreement on co-existence with the traditional owners, the Gunggari People, lodged on the title of North Yancho. The area around the waterhole at Illmargani, which was the area on the property of most significance to the Gunggari People, was offered to the State by the owners as a nature refuge, on the condition that the Gunggari People were granted access to the area in recognition of their traditional ownership. The State agreed to this and a Nature Refuge was eventually registered on the title to North Yancho. The Deed of Co-Existence reads: ‘In recognition of the traditional ownership of Illmargani by the Gunggari People and with respect to their continued interest in and spiritual connection to this part of their Home Country, we pledge our commitment by upholding the rights proclaimed within the Conservation Agreement between The State of Queensland and the Cowley Family as landholders and registered owners of North Yancho. “Access to the land by the Gunggarri People for Traditional and Cultural Practices in recognition of traditional ownership. Access to be determined by the Gunggari Elders” (Item 4: (Clause 4.3b) 10 April 2000, Illmargani Conservation Agreement).’

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