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    The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal is a private/government-sector partnership launched at the Regional Australia Summit in October 1999. Its aim is to encourage innovative collaboration between business, community and government in philanthropic endeavours that will boost the economic and social well-being of regional Australia. The Foundation will assist community capacity building and project facilitation, and will give seeding grants for community and economic development initiatives. In this way it will assist to strengthen a community's capacity to become more economically and socially sustainable. The Foundation provides: a national voice for regional and rural communities; a rural capacity building programme which delivers training and partnership building initiatives, and runs conferences and other forums; and a challenge grant programme which provides seed funding and project facilitation, and undertakes fund raising and funds management. The Foundation provides a mechanism for the private sector and others to play a part in building the future of regional Australia.
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    The Government has committed $14.5 million to support the Foundation, which includes ongoing financial support until 2009 to match the interest on financial contributions from the business, government and community sectors. The community will be initially funded to establish their own Foundations. As Foundation funds grow they will provide annual income of more than $5 million to foster regional development activities. Donations to the Foundation of $2 or more will be tax deductible.

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