Angus Downs Joint Management Indigenous Protected Area

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Sub Category:Indigenous Protected Area
Place:Angus Downs
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Approximately 300 kms southwest of Alice Springs, midway between Alice Springs and Ayers Rock on the corner of the Lassiter Highway and Luritja Road.
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Summary Information:
Angus Downs Joint Management Indigenous Protected Area is still in the process of discussion and has not yet (at 7 March 2005) been declared as an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). Since 2001 it has received funding through the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) for the following purposes, preparatory to its declaration as an IPA: consultation with Traditional Owners and those having an interest in Angus Downs; the establishment of a steering committee (which comprises representatives of Lisanote Pty Ltd, Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory (PWCNT), Central Lands Council and Environment Australia); the development of a draft plan of management and a draft framework agreement with PWCNT. The intended IPA is part of the Finke Bioregion sector of the National Reserves System.
Detailed Information:
Angus Downs is a 3221 square kilometre pastoral lease which is Aboriginal owned. Traditional owners of the land live both on Angus Downs and at a community (excision) on neighbouring Imanpa pastoral lease. Angus Downs is managed by a company called Lisanote Pty Ltd which also operates an Aboriginal owned Roadhouse at Mount Ebenezer not far from the Imanpa community. It is proposed that an IPA be declared over an area that could be made into a wildlife sanctuary. This proposal is still in the process of being discussed by traditional owners and those having native title interests in the land. Angus Downs comprises ranges, some sand hills, large mulga stands and large old growth mulga. It was largely de-stocked some years ago and now runs a small killer herd of cattle for domestic consumption. Regeneration of land would be a priority under the IPA as would the reintroduction of endangered species. The objectives of the IPA are: Shared objectives and opportunities for cooperative management between the Traditional Owners, Directors of Lisanote Pty Ltd and PWCNT. Assessment of the natural and cultural resources with regard to perceived threats and management needs. Complex planning incorporating annual conservation management plans, training, work experience, and employment opportunities in conservation land management and tourism. Biological diversity. Ecologically sustainable tourist development.

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  • References

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