Ewamian - Etheridge Townships Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)

Date: 12 March 2004
Sub Category:Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) (Native Title Act)
Place:Etheridge Shire
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
The area of the agreement is approximately 17.73 square kms, located over specific land parcels in the townships of Georgetown, Mount Surprise, Forsayth, Einasliegh and Oak Park. The area is within the local government Etheridge Shire Council and Cairns & District ATSIC region.
Legal Status: Registered with the National Native Title Tribunal
Legal Reference: National Native Title Tribunal File No: QI2003/048
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Land Transaction | Land Use | Native Title | Native Title - Extinguishment | Sports and Physical Recreation
Summary Information:
The Ewamian - Etheridge Townships Indigenous Land Use Agreement (the ILUA) allows for the creation of reserves; the change of purpose of a reserve; the issuing of a lease over a reserve; and the excision of a portion of a reserve. The ILUA creates a reserve for sport and recreation and also sets out areas over which reserves for Aboriginal and cultural purposes may be created. Native title in the area is surrendered to the State of Queensland by the native title group.
Detailed Information:
The Ewamian people have secured access to three reserves: Einasleigh, Forsayth and Mt Surprise. They have also secured land and housing in Georgetown. The Ewamian people have surrendered native title rights over the townships of Einasleigh, Forsayth and Mt Surprise and Georgetown.

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  • Organisation
  • State of Queensland
  • North Queensland Land Council (NQLC) - Signatory
  • National Native Title Tribunal
  • Native Title and Indigenous Land Services (QLD) - Signatory
  • Tatampi Puranga Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC - Signatory
  • Legislation
  • Native Title Act 1993 (Cth)
  • Native Title Amendment Act 1998 (Cth)
  • Native Title (Indigenous Land Use Agreements) Regulations 1999 (Cth)
  • People
  • Ewamian People

  • References

    National Native Title Tribunal (30 September 2010) Registered ILUAs by Name


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