Agreement Concerning a New Relationship Between the Government of Quebec and the Crees of Quebec

Date: 7 February 2002
Sub Category:Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (Canada)
State/Country:Quebec, Canada
Subject Matter:Economic Development | Employment and Training | | Forestry |
Summary Information:
The Agreement Respecting a New Relationship Between the Cree Nation and the Government of Quebec was signed on the 7 February 2002. The agreement takes steps in ensuring the implementation of section 28 of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement signed in 1975 which promised Cree participation in the economic development of the Territory.
Detailed Information:
Twenty-five years after the signing of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, very few Crees were employed in the development of the Territory, and they lacked housing and community infrastructure. After a negotiation process, an Agreement-in-Principle was signed on October 23, 2001. In December of that same year the final agreement was complete. Consultations with the community took place, and a referenda held with 70% of the community voting in favour of the signing of the final agreement. In summary, the Agreement provides for: 1. A Nation to Nation relationship between the Crees and the Government of Quebec based on mutual respect and cooperation; 2. A forestry regime managed by a Cree-Quebec Forestry Board on the basis of the Cree Family Hunting Territory; 3. An increased forestry allotment for the Crees; 4. Cree approval for the Rupert Diversion-EM1A and EM1 projects; 5. Remedial works, plus over $850 million of construction contracts for Cree companies, training and employment program for permanent and construction jobs and also transmission lines to Cree communities; 6. A Mining Exploration Board and program to facilitate involvement of Crees in mining; 7. Completion of a community development program previously started; 8. Funding of $24 million year one, $46 million 2nd year and $70 million per year over 48 years for community development, economic development, environmental administration, Cree trapping, outfitting and crafts associations etc., to be decided by the Crees; 9. An agreement on Cree local and regional policing and Cree game wardens; 10. Settlement of Cree Quebec court cases. (Quebec: Cree Agreement Example for Canada to Follow to Implement the Recommendations of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples on Resource Sharing) online at: (accessed 10/6/04)

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