Inuvialuit Land Rights Settlement Agreement-In-Principle

Date: 1 January 1978
Sub Category:Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) (Canada)
State/Country:Western Arctic, Canada
Subject Matter:Land Settlement | Recognition of Traditional Rights and Interests | Compensation
Summary Information:
On October 31, 1978, after months of negotiation, the Inuvialuit and the Government of Canada signed an 180-page 'Inuvialuit Land Rights Settlement Agreement-in-Principle' (AIP). The AIP provides the Inuvialuit with surface and mineral rights to 37,000 square miles of land plus harvest rights throughout the western Artic. Participation in a land use planning commission is also envisioned. Other key provisions include compensation of $45 million to be controlled by native-owned corporations, management of a 5,000 square mile Wilderness Park in the area and $3.5 million in government funds for a Social Development Program.

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