Nunatsiavut Government

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Canadian Aboriginal Government
State/Country:Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Alternative Names:
  • Labrador Central Government
  • Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Economic Development | Education | Environmental Heritage | Health and Community Services | Land Management
    Summary Information:
    The Nunatsiavut Government is to be established in accordance with the self-government arrangements set out in the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement (the Agreement), signed in August 2003. Pursuant to Chapter 17 of the Agreement, an Inuit Constitution is to be established, providing for the establishment of two levels of government, the Nunatsiavut Government and five Community Governments. The Nunatsiavut Government is to be a regional Inuit government. Its legislative jurisdiction will cover Inuit citizenship rights and benefits under the Agreement. In Labrador Inuit Lands and Inuit communities, its jurisdiction will extend to the making of laws for Inuit residents in the areas of education, health and social services. It will also have authority over language and cultural affairs, law enforcement and administration of justice. The Nunatsiavut Government will manage Labrador Inuit Lands and will have the power to require environmental impact assessments for development or archaeological activities. The Nunatsiavut Government will be composed of a President, Executive Council, Assembly, and the political, social and economic institutions established by the Assembly. The President and members will be elected democratically for four year terms. The President is to chair the Nunatsiavut Executive Council and the Nunatsiavut Assembly. Members of the Assembly will be elected to represent seven Inuit constituencies. The Nunatsiavut Assembly will operate as the Inuit parliament. It will oversee the executive, enact laws and provide a forum for debate. The Executive Council will implement Inuit laws, develop and implement policy, initiate legislation, and oversee government administration.

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  • References

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