Diatomaceous Earth Investments Pty Ltd

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Proprietary Company
State/Country:Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Summary Information:
'The Australian Diatomaceous Earth Joint Venture is a partnership between IBA, which has a 20 per cent stake and another 20 per cent option, and Australian Diatomaceous Earth Pty Limited. In 2003-04 the joint-venture concluded negotiations for an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with the Gugu Badhun group, which also has a native-title claim over the tenements. Under the agreement, members of the Indigenous group will be offered employment opportunities as well as ancillary business opportunities such as providing environmental services seed and nut collection, plant propagation, rehabilitation work. The native-title group will also have an option to buy equity from IBA.' (Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), 'Australian Diatomaceous Earth Joint Venture': http://www.iba.gov.au/ibainvestments.htm (at 18 October 2005)).

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