Job Futures

Category: Organisation
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State/Country:New South Wales, Australia
Summary Information:
Job Futures is a national network of community based not-for-profit employment service providers. These include community and local government member organisations. Job Futures was established in 1997. The organisation acts as a leadership body for its members, its vision being to 'excel as an effective and values driven provider of employment and related services' (Job Futures, 'Vision Statement'). As such, Job Futures' goals include: - 'Getting people into meaningful employment with a focus on those who are disadvantaged. - Providing high quality services to unemployed people in the most effective and efficient way consistent with these values and philosophy. - Operating as a not-for-profit organisation returning any operating surpluses or profits to provide community benefit. - Maximising life choices for the people served and minimising coercion. - Treating the people we serve as individuals with important needs, particular circumstances and valuable aspirations. - Responding to the people we serve holistically not just with training and programs but with personal support, advice and counselling, working with people rather than doing things to them or for them'. (Job Futures, 'What we Practise'). Job Futures is a public company which is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as an income tax exempt charitable entity.

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