Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (Cth)

Category: Organisation
Binomial Name: Australian Commonwealth Government
Sub Category:Federal Government
Summary Information:
The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (the Department) deals for the most part with matters concerning 'coordination of government administration; assistance to Cabinet and its committees; policy advice and administrative support to the Prime Minister; intergovernmental relations and communications with State and Territory governments and government ceremonial and hospitality.' ('About the Department').
Detailed Information:
The Department's role is : '
  • To ensure that policy proposals put to the Prime Minister, other ministers in the portfolio, and to Cabinet are developed in a coherent, informed and coordinated fashion.
  • Where directed, to coordinate the administrative response to Government policies and decisions, recognising that ministers are responsible individually for the administration of their departments and collectively for matters decided by Cabinet.
  • To provide services to the Prime Minister and to the Government to enable the business of government to be managed in an efficient, effective and coordinated manner.
  • To monitor the implementation of the Government's objectives where charged with doing so in particular areas such as science and technology policy and access and equity.' ('About the Department').

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