Newmont Australia: Australian Indigenous Peoples Statement of Commitment

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Summary Information:
The Newmont Australia Statement of Commitment was signed by the Managing Director, John A.S. Dow in June 2003. Newmont Australia is an Australian subsidiary of the Newmont Mining Corporation. The Statement of Commitment acknowledges Indigenous people as the first Australians. It expresses Newmont's respect for 'the inherenent rights and charactersistics of Indigenous Australians, flowing from their unique relationship with the land and sea, their culture, spiritual traditions and histories.'
Detailed Information:
The Statement also expresses Newmont's commitment to the National Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation's vision of: 'A united Australia which respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage; and provides justice and equity for all'. Newmont recognises that its business success is inextricably linked to the ability of the local Indigenous communities to develop and maintain sustainable livelihoods. Newmont commits to supporting Indigenous economic, social and cultural rights. It intends to achieve this in a number of ways including: -Ensuring that its relationship with Indigenous Australians is based on equality, respect, trust and honesty; -Contributing to respect and understanding of cultural diversity in the workplace and wider community; -Working to eliminate racism in the workplace; -Pursuing good faith negotiations with Indigenous Australians; -Helping to implement sustainable business enterprises and employment opportunities in Indigenous communities; -Working to increase the number of Indigenous employees within Newmont Australia; -Not opposing the right to claim native title; -Providing leadership in the mining industry and the community; and -Ensuring meaningful involvement of Indigenous communities and stakeholders in matters which affect them.

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