Bonya 'Better Food, Better Living' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)

Date: 18 March 2005
Sub Category:Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Bonya is located 320 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs.
Subject Matter: | Health and Community Services |
Summary Information:
The Bonya ‘Better Food, Better Living’ Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) was signed on 18 March 2004. The SRA will provide Bonya with a new community store, as the current nearby store is closing. Bonya is a small settlement, but it is also a resource centre for surrounding communities. The new store will provide for Bonya and these surrounding communities. Shared Responsibility Agreements are agreements between governments and Indigenous communities to provide discretionary funding in return for community obligations. The new arrangements developed from an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments and replace the previous ATSIC system of funding. For more information see ‘Shared Responsibility Agreement’ below.
Detailed Information:
Purpose The purpose of this SRA is to promote healthy living. The major elements of the initiative are theconstruction of a new store, the provision of healthy food, and community health and education programs. Shared Responsibilities The building of a new community store is central to the SRA. The Commonwealth government will contribute $163,000 towards the new store which is to be community owned and operated. The store will operate from a new community resource centre which is being constructed as part of the National Aboriginal Health Strategy. The new store will only sell healthy food. The community of Bonya will contribute to the SRA by ensuring that store profits are put back into the community. No loans will be made to residents, and families have agreed not to seek credit from the store. Through health and education programs, families will learn about nutrition, budgeting and dog health. Families have also committed to a clean-yard policy, which includes rules against vandalism and littering. The community rules will be overseen by the community council. Existing school activities and attendance measures will continue. Staff from the health clinic will also contribute to the SRA by advising the store on healthy food choices. The Bonya ‘Better Food, Better Living’ SRA will be negotiated by the Alice Springs Indigenous Coordination Centre.

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