Heads of Agreement between Lyons Development Corporation, Larrakia Development Corporation, Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation and the Northern Land Council

Date: 7 September 2005
Sub Category:Commercial Agreement | Framework Agreement
Place:Lee Point Area, Darwin
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Defence | Employment and Training | Land Use
Summary Information:
The Heads of Agreement between Lyons Development Corporation, Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation and the Northern Land Council (the Agreement) was signed on 7 September 2005. The Agreement gives the traditional owners' consent to a residential subdivision creating a new suburb of Darwin. Under the Agreement, the Lyons Development Corporation commits to employing Larrakia people and businesses throughout the construction phase. It will also carry out on-the-job training where possible. The first employment contract to be approved was to the Larrakia Development Corporation for the creation of fire trails and a range of other works relating to fuel load reduction. The new 77 hectare suburb is to be named after senior Larrakia elder Tommy Lyons. Indigenous cultural heritage is to be recognised and promoted in Lyons with Larrakia names to be given to be given to streets and parks, and public art depicting Larrakia stories to be displayed throughout the suburb. The Balarinji Design Studio has been engaged to work with the Larraki Nation Aboriginal Corporation on cultural interpretation and public art works for the area.
Detailed Information:
The residential community of Lyons is a joint venture between partners Defence Housing Authority and Canberra Investment Corporation Ltd. It is located in the northern suburbs of Darwin to the east of existing suburb Tiwi, north of Wanguri and north east of Leanyer. The development will see the construction of approximately 690 dwellings over a period of five years. About 300 of these will be developed by the Defence Housing Authority in order to accommodate exisiting and relocated Defence personnel and their families. The remaining lots will be marketed for private purchase. Construction is expected to be completed within five years from its commencement in February/March 2006.
The suburb of Lyons was opened in 2007. The Larrakia Development Corporation was awarded the first approved employment contract for the project (for creating fire trials) (Land Rights News 2007, 5).

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