Pipalyatjara 'Providing mechanical services within the community' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)

Date: 1 January 2005
Sub Category:Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)
Place:Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands
State/Country:South Australia, Australia
Subject Matter: | Economic Development | Employment and Training
URL: http://www.indigenous.gov.au/sra/search/document.aspx?id=7910
Summary Information:
The Pipalyatjara 'Providing mechanical services within the community' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) outlines the provision of a regular mechanic workshop to service vehicles of the Pipalyatyara community. Shared Responsibility Agreements are agreements between governments and Indigenous communities to provide discretionary funding in return for community obligations. The new arrangements developed from an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments and replace the previous ATSIC system of funding. For more information see ‘Shared Responsibility Agreement’ below.
Detailed Information:
Purpose The community of Pipalyatjara is located 30 kilometres from the South Australian, Western Australian and Northern Territory borders. Currently, families have to travel to Alice Springs to have their vehicles repaired. The SRA will provide a local workshop to house a mechanic. Shared Responsibilities Under the SRA, the Commonwealth government will provide $155,000 towards mechanical services. This includes funding the upgrade of the existing unused work, purchasing tools, employing a mechanic and developing a business plan. The Pipalyatjara Community will be responsible for providing administrative support, overseeing the workshop and providing workshop assistance. Trainee mechanics will also be involved. The workshop will be run on a 'user pays' basis and the community agrees not to pressure the workshop staff for goods or services free of charge. The Pipalyatjara SRA will be administered by the Port Augusta Indigenous Coordination Centre.

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