Upurl Upurlila Ngurratja Incorporated

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Incorporated Association
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • Coonana Community
  • Summary Information:
    Upurl Upurlila Ngurratja is the incorporated body of the Coonana Indigenous Community. Coonana is located approximately 160 km east of Kalgoorlie and 4 km south of the Trans-Australia railway line. The people of Coonana were moved there from Cundalee in 1985-6, following the purchase of the Coonana pastoral lease in 1982. Incentives offered to the Wangki people as a trade off for moving to Coonana from Cundalee included a better water supply, better job prospects for young people and a cattle station. (HREOC 2001).

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