Gulin Gulin Buffalo Company Land Use Agreement

Date: 14 November 2002
Sub Category:Land Use Agreement
Place:Bulman region, Arnhem Land
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
The agreement covers most of the country in the Wilton River region around Bulman, 310 km north-west of Katherine in the Northern Territory.
Subject Matter:Land Use | Economic Development | Agriculture
Summary Information:
The land use agreement involving the Gulin Gulin Buffalo Company (Bulman) Pty Ltd ('Gulin Gulin') was ratified by the Northern Land Council on 14 November 2002, It takes the form of a licence issued by the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust under s 19 of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 (Cth). The five year agreement enables Gulin Gulin 'to access and control the mustering and exporting of buffalo from the [Wilton River] region' (Hawke 2002). It provides a mechanism for Gulin Gulin to work with landowners in overcoming the effects of illegal operators on buffalo herds and buffalo meat prices. Gulin Gulin also aims to keep buffalo numbers at an environmentally sustainable level (Robert Lee in Northern Land Council 2002). This is the first formal agreement between traditional owners and Gulin Gulin, which is wholly owned by traditional owners in the region (Northern Land Council 2002). There are an estimated 30 000 wild buffaloes in the Bulman region. The buffalo harvested by Gulin Gulin are primarily exported to Malaysia (Northern Land Council 2005). Gulin Gulin mustered 1 500 animals in 2002; more than 2 100 animals in 2003 and 2 200 animals in 2004 (Northern Land Council 2005). Fewer buffaloes were exported in 2005 (Sieper 2005).

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