Gulin Gulin Buffalo Company (Bulman) Pty Ltd

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Proprietary Company
Place:Bulman region, Arnhem Land
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • Gulin Gulin Buffalo Company
  • Gulin Gulin Buffaloes Company Pty Ltd
  • Summary Information:
    The Gulin Gulin Buffalo Company (Bulman) Pty Ltd ('Gulin Gulin') is 'the biggest buffalo operation in Australia' (Hawke 2002). The company has been wholly owned by traditional owners in the Bulman region in Arnhem Land since it began in 1987. Gulin Gulin's business includes buffalo mustering and, to a lesser extent, safari hunting and pet meating (Northern Territory Government 2005). The company's primary export market for buffalo is now Malaysia, following a downturn in demand from Brunei (Northern Land Council 2005). As at July 2006, Gulin Gulin employs seven Aboriginal workers in the harvesting season (MLA 2006). Any profits are divided equally between reinvestment in the business and returns to traditional owner shareholders (Northern Land Council 2002).

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    Proprietary Company