Hooker Creek Aboriginal Land Trust Lease Agreement

Sub Category:Lease
Place:North-west corner of the Hooker Creek Aboriginal Land Trust
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
The lease covers an area of 500 square kilometres at the top north-west corner of the Hooker Creek Aboriginal Land Trust.
Alternative Names:
  • Lease between the Gurindji Traditional Owners and Riveren Station
  • Subject Matter:Economic Development | Employment and Training | Land Use | Pastoral Activities
    Summary Information:
    The lease between the Gurindji Traditional Owners and Riveren Station regarding part of the Hooker Creek Aboriginal Land Trust was signed in 2005. It is for ten years and will be reviewed after five years. The Central Land Council (CLC) and Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry, Fisheries and Mines (DPIFM) were involved in planning the lease. It is an example of an agreement negotiated in furtherance of the Indigenous Pastoral Program (IPP). The lease was negotiated during a time of unprecedented demand for grazing access and other types of support on Aboriginal Land Trusts in the Northern Territory (CLC 2005).
    Detailed Information:
    Repayment of infrastructure The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) assisted in developing essential infrastructure for the lease (such as fencing) and the CLC assisted in removing feral animals. The ILC will be repaid for about half the cost of the infrastructure through rental income received by the Gurindji. The Gurindji will also invest in future capital replacement. Benefits Benefits for the Gurindji are as follows: - their land is managed by experienced pastoralists; - there is transfer of knowledge about cattle and land management strategies; and - there are opportunities for seasonal pastoral employment (DPIFM 2005). The Riveren Station owners benefit from: - having access to the land and the infrastructure; and - obtaining seasonal help on the land (DPIFM 2005).

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