Richtersveld Community

Category: People
Sub Category:Local Community of South Africa
State/Country:Northern Cape Province, Republic of South Africa
Alternative Names:
  • Nama People
  • Summary Information:
    The Richtersveld Community, also known as the Nama people, is located in the far north west of South Africa, near the border with Namibia. They are traditionally a nomadic people; the area is 'the last place in South Africa where pastoral people live on communal lands and one of the last remaining examples of the transhumant Nama way of living' (The nomadic Nama pastoralists). The Richtersveld Community were restored their communal property rights, lost in the 1920s to allow for the construction of a diamond mine, by the 2003 Constitutional Court decision Alexkor Limited v The Richtersveld Community and Others CCT19/03.

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    Local Community of South Africa