Mt Theo Substance Misuse Program Aboriginal Corporation (MYSMAC)

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Aboriginal Corporation
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Alice Springs
Subject Matter:Health and Community Services | Youth
Summary Information:
The Mt. Theo-Yuendumu Substance Misuse Program was developed in 1994 and due to its' success, the Mt. Theo-Yuendumu Substance Misuse Aboriginal Corporation (MYSMAC)was established in 1998. The Mt. Theo outstation was opened to be utilised for the community initiated desire to assist the community with substance abuse issues. The MYSMAC is a signatory for the 'no school no pool' partnership.
Detailed Information:
With substance misuse remaining at the core of its' program the MYSMAC has grown to include four major areas of service: 1.Prevention of Petrol Sniffing throughout the Warlpiri. 2.The Jaru Pirrjirdi (Strong Voices) Youth Development Project: after care and youth leadership. 3.Youth Diversionary Program: prevention 4.Education and Outreach Program

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