Anishnaabe Government Agreement First Nation Ratification Process

Date: 7 December 2004
Sub Category:Implementation Plan (Canada) | Self-Government Agreement (Canada)
State/Country:Ontario, Canada
Subject Matter:Self Government
Summary Information:
The Anishnaabe Government Agreement First Nation Ratification Process was established as part of the negotiations for the Anishnaabe Government Agreement, and sets out the procedure by which the First Nations involved in that agreement shall decide whether or not to approve the Anishnaabe Government Agreement, their respective First Nation constitutions and the United Anishnaabeg Councils Constitution.
Detailed Information:
The Agreement begins by establishing a ratification committee, which has responsibility for ensuring that each First Nation takes reasonable steps to register at least 50% of the eligible voters of their respective First Nations. One month before the scheduled ratification date, the committee shall meet to determine whether the 50% target has been met and whether the ratification will continue. The agreement also appoints a ratification officer, whose responsibility it is to send to each registered voter, a notice to vote, a registration card and copies of the documents for ratification for their consideration. Eligible voters are then required to register with the ratification officer by completing the registration cards. Registered voters living off reserve may then vote by mail, whilst all other registered voters must attend a voting booth and cast their vote by secret ballot. The agreement also establishes procedures for the counting of results, as well as the manner in which eligible voters may file an objection with the ratification officer should they feel there was a violation of this process. If a majority of the votes cast register a ‘yes’ vote in favour of the documents for ratification, then that document will be considered ratified for the purposes as outlined in the Anishnaabe Government Agreement.

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