Ely Bauxite Mining Project Agreement

Date: 1997
Sub Category:Commercial Agreement | Lease
Place:Western Cape York
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • Subject Matter:Economic Development | Education | Employment and Training | Mining and Minerals
    Summary Information:
    The Ely Bauxite Mining Project Agreement (EBMPA) ('the Agreement') between Alcan, six Traditional Owner groups (the Dulhunty, Taepithiggi, Thanakwith, Tjungundji, Yupungathi and Warrangku people), the Mapoon, Napranum and New Mapoon communities and the Cape York Land Council was signed in 1997 and amended in 1999. The Agreement sets out the terms for development of the mining lease including the Ely deposit, and a range of commitments regarding cultural heritage protection, cultural awareness training, community and business capacity building through employment, and education and training opportunities (Alcan Website, 2007 & 2008). Mining of the leased area commenced in January 2007 by Rio Tinto Aluminium (Weipa) on behalf of Alcan (Alcan Website, 2007 & 2008).

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