Wanyurr Majay Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC

Category: Organisation
Date: 11 January 2006
Sub Category:Aboriginal Corporation | Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC)
State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Legal Status:

Registered with the Office of the Registrar ofIndigenousCorporations on 9 December 2011.

Legal Reference: ICN (Indigenous Corporation Number): 4429
Subject Matter:Economic Development | Management / Administration | Native Title
Summary Information:

The Wanyurr Majay Aboriginal Corporation is the registered native title body corporate nominated as the Wanyurr Majay People's agent to manage their native title as determined by consent inWonga on behalf of the Wanyurr Majay People v State of Queensland [2011] FCA 1055.

The Wanyurr Majay People are Native Title holders for the vicinity of Mt Bellenden Ker which covers part of the Wooroonooran National Park and surrounding areas.

The corporation is a party to the Wanyurr Majay People Protected Area ILUA.

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    Aboriginal Corporation (Australia) | Registered Native Title Body Corporate (RNTBC) (Native Title Act) (Australia)