Yamatji People

Category: People
Sub Category:Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander | Native Title Holders (Native Title Act)
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • Yamaji
  • Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Customary Law | Environmental Heritage | Native Title
    Summary Information:

    Yamatji (or Yamaji) is the name used to identify Aboriginal people in the Murchison and Gascoyne regions of Western Australia. The main language groups of the Yamaji people are the:

    • Nanda people in the northern coastal area of the region;
    • Naaguja people in the southern coastal area of the region;
    • Amangu people in the Greater Geraldton area (AIATSIS Thesaurus language code and map grid reference (W12)(WA SH50-01));
    • Wadjarri people in the Murchison area;
    • Badimaya/Badimia people further inland from Yalgoo, Paines Find and Mt Magnet areas (AIATSIS Thesaurus language code and map grid reference (A14)(WA SH50-03));
    • Western Desert people, further east around Wiluna on the edge of the Gibson and Little Sandy Deserts; and
    • Malkana/Malgana people in the coast region surrounding Shark Bay (AIATSIS language code and map grid reference (W18)(WA SG50-09)

    (Telethon Kids Institute, About Yamaji).

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