Taungurung People

Category: People
Sub Category:Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander | Traditional Owner Group (Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act)
Place:Central Victoria
State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Subject Matter:Recognition of Traditional Rights and Interests
URL: https://taungurung.com.au/culture-2/
Summary Information:

The Taungurung People identify themselves by decent from the following ancestors: Tommy Bamfield, Lydia Beaton, Polly Wallambyne, Billy Hamilton, William Hamilton, Lilly Hamilton, Jessie Hamilton, John Franklin, Louisa Shepard, Elizabeth Hylett/Murchison, and Doctor Billy.

Some Taungurung also identfy with one of the fifteen clans that make up Taungurung, namely Benbendore-balluk, Buthera-balluk, Gunung-Yellam, Leuk-willam, Moomoomgoonbeet, Nattarak-balluk, Ngurai-illam-balluk, Nira-balluk, Tenbringnellams, Walledriggers, Waring-illam-balluk, Warrinillum, Yaran-illam, Yirun-ilam-balluk, and Yowung-illam-balluk.

The Taungurang are part of the Kulin Nation alliance.

(Taungurung Land and Water Council; see the url link).

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