Constitution (Preamble) Amendment Act 2010 (Qld)

Category: Legislation
Binomial Name: State of Queensland
Date: 23 February 2010
Sub Category:Legislation
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Summary Information:

The Constitution (Preamble) Amendment Act 2010 (Qld) was passed in February 2010 to amend the Constitution of Queensland 2001 (Qld) (the Constitution).

Detailed Information:

The Act inserted a preamble into the Constitution which acknowledges 'the Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the First Australians, whose lands, winds and waters we all now share' and 'their unique values, and their ancient and enduring cultures, which deepen and enrich the life of our community'. The Bligh government proposed the amendment, declaring it an 'important step in the ongoing reconciliation process' (Bligh 2009, 3476).

The amendment was not supported by the Opposition (the Liberal National Party), who labelled it a 'wast[e] ... of the parliament's time' and 'a superficial nod in the direction of political correctness ... designed to divide Queenslanders' (Langbroek 2010, 364-5). The Opposition specifically criticised 'the elevated recognition of one ethnic group within the Queensland community - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people - to the exclusion of all others' (Langbroek 2010, 365).

Nevertheless, the bill was passed, making Queensland the second Australian State (after Victoria) to recognise Indigenous Australians in its Constitution.

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