Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

Category: Organisation
Date: 1 January 2010
Sub Category:Non-Government Organisation (NGO)

Alice Springs

State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia

Legal Status:

Registered with ASIC on 17 September 2010

Legal Reference: Australian Business Number (ABN): 13 146 413 809 Australian Company Number (ACN): 146 413 809
Subject Matter:Land Management | Land Use
URL: https://www.abcfoundation.org.au
Summary Information:
The Aboriginal Carbon Foundation (AbCF) was established in 2010 and aims to build wealth and prosperity forTraditional Owners through carbon farming. It aims to do this by ethically trading carbon credits with Corporate Australia, government agencies and international bodiesAbCF aims to build wealth for Traditional Ownersand their communities.
Detailed Information:

AbCF Activities

To achieve its goals, AbCF openly collaborates with Aboriginal Organisations, NGOs and other organisations. It works in the following four areas:


AbCF has established a nationally approved Aboriginal Carbon Farming and Core Benefits training course which it provides to Rangers and Traditional Owners.


AbCF trains rangers and Traditional Owners to become verifiers to measure environmental, social and cultural outcomes of carbon farming intiatives.


AbCF acts on behalf of Aboriginal communities to promote and market carbon products to secure high incomes from the premium products that they create.


AbCF fosters relationships between Aboriginal carbon farmers and corporate buyers and helps leverage them to secure further investment for community development.

See the AbCF website via the URL link above for further information about its operations.