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Moreland City Council Commitment to Indigenous Australians

Category: Event
Date: 1 May 1998
Sub Category:Statement of Commitment/Intention
Place:Northern suburbs of Melbourne
State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Subject Matter:Reconciliation | Local Government
Summary Information:
Moreland City Council has made a Statement of Commitment to Indigenous people as part of its Multicultural Development policy.
Detailed Information:
The Commitment states:

Council recognises:
  • That Indigenous Australians were the first people of this land;
  • The ingenuity, spirit and contribution of Indigenous people;
  • That social and cultural dispossession has caused the current disadvantages experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians;
  • The centrality of Indigenous issues to Australian identity;
  • That Indigenous people have lost their land, their children, their health and their lives and regrets these losses.

    Council supports:
  • The right of Indigenous people to live according to their own values and customs, subject to law;
  • The vision as expressed by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation of a united Australia which respects this land of ours, values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island heritage and provides justice and equality for all;
  • Campaigns for Indigenous people's rights, especially to land and native title to land.

    Council commits itself to:
  • Building a trusting, collaborative and supportive relationship with Indigenous groups;
  • Respecting identified Aboriginal sacred sites and special places;
  • Educating itself and others on the strength and unique contribution of contemporary Aboriginal cultures, and of the facts of colonisation;
  • Contributing to the promotion of accurate information on current issues;
  • Encouraging equity and access for all members of Indigenous communities to culturally sensitive services.

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  • References

    City of Moreland (2001) Moreland Reconciliation Policy and Action Plan 2001-2004


    Statement of Commitment/Intention (Australia)

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