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Framlingham Aboriginal Reserve

Category: Place
Place:Western district
State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Summary Information:
The Framlingham Aboriginal Reserve was established after the Victorian colonial government set aside 3,500 acres for an Aboriginal Reserve near the Hopkins River in 1861. It was first established in 1865 by the Church of England Mission which opened an Aboriginal station. Responsibility for the station was quickly returned to the Central Board to Watch over the Interests of Aborigines (the Board). The Board then decided to close Framlingham and move its residents to Lake Condah. Many resisted the move, and some residents remained at Framlingham while others moved to Lake Condah. The Mission was to reopen in 1869 however the Board attempted its closure again in 1889. The Board finally agreed to reserve 500 acres of the land for Aboriginal use. The 1930s witnessed increasing public concern with conditions at Framlingham and the government ultimately decided to build extra cottages, establish a school and provide weekly rations to residents. Despite this, there were several attempts to close Framlingham over the following years. By 1970, under the Aboriginal Lands Act 1970 (Vic), Framlingham was handed to the Framlingham Aboriginal Trust and resumed its operation under Aboriginal ownership. In the 1980s, Land Rights claims were issued for 1000 acres of the Framlingham Forest surrounding the Mission Station. This continued from 1980 through to 1987 when land was handed over to the Kirrae Whurrong Aboriginal Corporation at Lake Condah and Framlingham.

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  • References

    Australasian Legal Information Institute (1970) Aboriginal Lands Act 1970 (Vic)

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