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Victorian Statewide Action Plan

Category: Policy/Strategy
Sub Category:Policy/Strategy
State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Summary Information:
The framework for the Statewide Action Plan (Action Plan) was to be developed by the 30 June 2001. The Action Plan aims to address Indigenous disadvantage and the underlying issues behind the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system. The Action Plan provides the framework and the context for the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement and introduces new initiatives and reforms to enhance and develop linkages and partnerships between justice agencies and the Aboriginal community at local, regional and statewide levels. It will coordinate a range of proposed and existing policies and programs relating to Aboriginal health, education and other service delivery, including the Aboriginal Justice Agreement and also the Government's approach to negotiated land agreements.
Detailed Information:
The structure of the Action Plan will encompass the Aboriginal Justice Advisory Forum, the Aboriginal Justice Working Group, the Indigenous Issues Unit of the Department of Justice, and a network of six Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committees. The following strategic objectives are integral to the Action Plan: community participation; development of culturally appropriate programs and services; development of a coordinated and strategic approach in the design, development, delivery and monitoring of programs and services for Aboriginal people; delivery of fair and equitable justice services; increasing community safety, security and well-being; and reducing the risk for Aboriginal children and youth to be involved in the justice system.

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  • References

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