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Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Aboriginal Corporation
Place:Cape York
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • CYI
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    Summary Information:
    'Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership is a new public policy organisation that champions reform and innovation in Indigenous and social welfare policies. The Institute is governed by a majority Indigenous Board.

    The Institute focuses on the key economic and social policy issues facing Indigenous communities:

    - economic development - few sustainable businesses and endemic unemployment.
    - governance - a crisis of governance fuelled by the persistence of artificial communities, low levels of education, little institutional capacity and an implementation deficit.
    - welfare reform - beginnings of a debate around the role of welfare provision and Government service delivery in entrenching existing conditions.
    - substance abuse - epidemic levels of alcohol and other substance abuse.
    - education reform - need to raise the standard and expectations around youth education.
    - leadership - leadership growth and skills development stunted by low education standards, poor participation in education, few role models, and dysfunctional family environments.'
    Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership, 'About Us': (at 13 September 2005)).
    Detailed Information:
    The stated objectives of the Institute are to:

    '- improve the effectiveness of Indigenous policy at national, state and regional levels;
    - strengthen Indigenous leadership with greater Indigenous ownership of and participation in policy issues;
    - improve the effectiveness of implementation of Indigenous development initiatives, especially within Cape York;
    - improve the capacity of practitioners to better implement innovative policy and contribute to improved outcomes; and
    - contribute, with partner organisations, to improved outcomes for communities.'

    These objectives are to be attained through the implementation of four mutually supporting elements. Firstly, a Think Tank including Cape York leaders, along with leading public and private sector thinkers will provide seminars, residencies, secondments and other activities to foster critical debate. The Think Tank is responsible for setting the reform agenda and activities of the Institute in a way which responds to the needs and desires of Cape York Indigenous communities.

    Second, a Policy and Research Program supports the Think Tank agenda and activities. Academic research on Indigenous public policy and analysis of Cape York initiatives will inform the program.

    Third, a Leadership Program will build the skills of present and future Indigenous leaders and expose them to a critical reform agenda.

    Finally, a Coursework Program designed to develop the practical skills of administrators, public servants, project managers and social entrepreneurs working in the area of Indigenous issues will be offered. Some of these courses will contribute towards Certificate and Diploma level qualifications recognised by Griffith University. Other programs may form part of a Masters program.

    Funding for the CYI comes from State and Federal Government and is supplemented by Griffith University and Queensland TAFE. Located in Cairns, the Institute 'provides a unique combination of empirical 'action research', engagement with practical initiatives on the ground in Cape York and a reform agenda based on the vision of the Cape York leadership group.'
    (Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership, 'About Us': (at 13 September 2005)).

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