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Dogrib First Nation People

Category: People
Sub Category:First Nations People of Canada
Place:North Slave Region
State/Country:Northwest Territories, Canada
Alternative Names:
  • Tlicho
  • Summary Information:
    The Dogrib First Nation People are otherwise known as the Tlicho. Traditionally they inhabited the western north shore of Great Slave Lake and north to Great Bear Lake. These areas include the present-day communities of Rae-Edzo, Whati, Rae Lakes, and Snare Lake. Yellowknife Dene of Dogrib heritage now live in the communities of N'dilo and Dettah near the city of Yellowknife. The Dogrib are caribou hunters who are renowned for their sophisticated caribou skin lodges. They are Athapaskan-speaking.

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  • References

    Great Canadian Lakes Traditional Tribes of Great Slave: Dogrib (Tlicho)


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