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Iris Anderson and Others

Category: People
Sub Category:Respondent
Summary Information:
Iris Anderson and others were the other respondents in Mary-Lou Buck v State of New South Wales & Ors [1997] FCA 1624 (in addition to the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council). The State of New South Wales was the first respondent. The full list of 'Other Respondents' attached to the Federal Court Determination includes Ronald Anderson, N Bennett, A Bennett, Craig Cockroft, Jeff Davies, Lynette Davies, Richard Dube, Susan Dube, Jackie Elysee, Alan Forrest, Elizabeth Forrest, Katherine Fowler, Michael Fowler, Jody Fraser, Sue Fraser, Allan Graham, Amanda Holmes, David James, Sally James, David Jardine, Jeanine Kennedy, Alan Lawrence, Sarah Lindsay, John Maynard, Lisa Maynard, MA McKay, WJ McKay, Raymond Perrin, Tamara Schindehuette-Scott, Peter Shaw, Rowan Shaw, Judith Tatnell, Andrew Thomas, and Anna Treloar.

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