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New South Wales Minerals Council

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Representative Body
State/Country:New South Wales, Australia
Summary Information:
The New South Wales Minerals Council is the peak mining industry association in New South Wales, representing the interests of mineral producers, explorers and extractive material producers.
The Council was formed in April 1995 as a result of a merger between the New South Wales Coal Association and the New South Wales Chamber of Mines.

The Council's major aims are to:
- provide a strong, unified voice for the New South Wales minerals industry;
- encourage members to pursue the highest standards of occupational health and safety and environmental management;
- achieve an environment in which the industry can operate profitably;
- ensure that members have appropriate access to mineral resources and to land for exploration purposes;
- influence governments to ensure that the legislative and regulatory framework is appropriate for an industry which is operating in highly competitive domestic and international markets;
- ensure the community understands the benefits of a modern, environmentally-responsible, minerals industry;
- to be an accepted and credible partner with educators in New South Wales in the delivery of information about the industry.

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