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BHP Area C Agreement

Sub Category:Future Act Agreement (Native Title Act)
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Employment and Training | Mining and Minerals | Compensation
Summary Information:
The BHP Area C Agreement is made up of three separate agreements with Indigenous native title claimants in the Pilbara Region. The Agreements were entered into to ensure that BHP could mine iron ore at Marra Mamba. The agreements were made with:
a) Innawonga Bunjima Niapaili native title claimants in June 2001;
b) Martu Idja Banyjima native title claimants in December 2000; and
c) Nyiyaparli claimants in relation to the power-line corridor to the mine.
Detailed Information:
The Agreements canvas issues of employment and contract work, protection of Indigenous heritage and culture, and compensation payments to the Innawonga and Martu Peoples. These payments will average $3 million each year for the life of the mine and will be payed for the benefit of claimants and to trusts to fund community programs.
The negotiations were initiated by BHP Iron Ore, and once the claimants had been fully briefed on the project it was decided that an agreement could be made. The company agreed to pay all costs, with an upper limit on costs for consultations. Any costs over this limit were to be deducted from the later beneficial payments under the agreement. The company also agreed to fund an independent commercial iron ore consultant, an independent facilitator and allowed the claimants access to all documents and materials on the deposits.
BHP expects that the agreements made will set standards on how the company does business with Indigenous groups in the future.

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  • References

    Indigenous Support Services and ACIL Consulting (2001) 'Agreements between Mining Companies and Indigenous Communities: A Report to the Australian Minerals and Energy Environment Foundation'


    Future Act Agreement (Native Title Act 1993 (Cth)) (Australia)

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