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Ngadju Heritage Protection Protocol

Date: 12 December 2000
Sub Category:Framework Agreement
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Subject Matter:Economic Development | | Cultural Heritage | Consultation
Summary Information:
The Ngadju Heritage Protection Protocol was signed on the 12 December 2000 between the Ngadju native title claimant group, Western Mining Corporation (WMC) and Central Norseman Gold. In July 2002 Croesus Mining NL acquired Central Norseman Gold from WMC and therefore became party to the agreement. The agreement secured access for the mining companies to more than 300,000 square kilometres of land in exchange for the proper identification, management and preservation of Aboriginal sites.
The Protocol outlines a commitment to cooperate and details the proper process, coordination, costs and procedures of a survey and report. The Protocol also requires that a Liaison Committee meet at least once every three months for consultation purposes.

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