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Alawa People

Category: People
Sub Category:Native Title Claimants (registered)
Place:Roper River Region
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Detailed Information:
The terms of the initial native title determination of 2000 (for a discussion of this determination go to the Wandarang, Alawa, Marra and Ngalakan Peoples link under related entries - case law below)were revised by the Federal Court upon appeal. Ultimately a consent determination was agreed upon by the affected parties, in which the native title rights and interests were in effect downgraded from proprietary to usufructary rights (from a right to 'possess, occupy, use and enjoy' to a right to 'use and enjoy' specified areas). However, the native title holders may still reside within the determination area, and native title rights and interests were acknowledged as existing in certain additional tidal waters within the claim area.

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  • Wandarang, Alawa, Marra and Ngalakan Peoples v Northern Territory [2004] FCAFC 187 - Native Title Claimant

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