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Wadeye Shared Responsibility Agreement

Date: 21 March 2003
Sub Category:Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter: | Education | Employment and Training | Health and Community Services | Youth
Summary Information:
The Wadeye Shared Responsibility Agreement is part of the Whole of Government Initiative. The Agreement was made between the Commonwealth Government (through the Department of Family and Community Services), the Northern Territory Government (through the Department of Chief Minister Indigenous Policy Unit) and the Thamarrurr Regional Council.
The Agreement was made in the spirit of partnership which recognises and respects the rights and responsibilities of each of the parties and provides a basis for cooperation. It identifies the needs of the local Indigenous community and attempts to use the combined agencies to develop a strategy to address them.
Detailed Information:
The objectives of the Agreement are to:
- Establish partnerships and share responsibility for achieving measurable and sustainable improvements for people living in the region;
- Support and strengthen local governance, decision making and accountability;
- Ensure the provision of better coordinated and more flexible services to meet the needs of the Thamarrurr Region; and
- Concentrate on community capacity building by supporting the community's assets, capacities and abilities.

Following community consultation, the regional priorities of the Agreement were outlined into three broad areas:
- Women and families;
- Youth; and
- Housing and construction.
As part of these broader areas, it was agreed that education, training and enterprise development are essential aspects that all actions should address.

A tri-partite Steering Committee made up of the partners has been established to:
- Guide and monitor negotiations on the partnership agreement;
- Negotiate with the community on establishing priorities and themes; and
- Develop an appropriate evaluation methodology agreed by all parties.
In addition, Priority Working Groups will help develop agreed actions and outcomes with a particular focus on the three regional priority areas. The Priority Working Groups will:
- Report on a regular basis to the Steering Committee;
- Work with the community to develop an Action Pan and timelines to address identified priorities and related issues;
- Identify, join up and source existing funding and services, both government and non-government; and
- Monitor the implementation of on-the-ground programs and services.

The Priority Working Group Action Plans, once endorsed by the Tripartite Steering Committee, will be attached as schedules to this Agreement. It is agreed that the Action Plans will:
- Contain information on what the Parties agree to do and take responsibility for in making positive changes;
- Contain information on how the parties will assess the performance of these actions; and
- Contain information on how the parties continue to communicate and offer feedback.

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    Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) (Australia)

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