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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Cth)

Category: Organisation
Binomial Name: Australian Commonwealth Government
Sub Category:Federal Government
Summary Information:
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade aims to advance the interests of Australia and Australians internationally.
Detailed Information:
The Department's goals are to:
- Enhance Australia's security;
- Contribute to growth in Australia's economy, employment and standard of living;
- Assist Australian travellers and Australians overseas;
- Strengthen global cooperation in ways that advance Australia's interests;
- Foster public understanding of Australia's foreign and trade policy; and
- Project a positive image of Australia internationally.

The Department has four stated outcomes:
- Australia's national interests protected and advanced through contributions to international security, national economic and trade performance and global cooperation;
- Australians informed about and provided access to consular and passport services in Australia and overseas;
- Public understanding in Australia and overseas of Australia's foreign and trade policy and a positive image of Australia internationally;
- Efficient management of the Commonwealth overseas owned estate.

The Department's work is carried out by staff in Canberra, in State and Territory offices and in its network of overseas posts.

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