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Commonwealth State Housing Agreement 1999-2003: Bilateral Agreement (Queensland)

Date: 1 May 2000
Sub Category:Framework Agreement
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Subject Matter: | Health and Community Services
Summary Information:
The Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement: Bilateral Agreement (the Bilateral Agreement) was made on the 1 May 2000. It was agreed between the State of Queensland (State) and the Commonwealth Government (Commonwealth) to give effect to subclause 6(1) of the Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement 1999-2003 signed on the 8 July 1999. The Bilateral Agreement was made pursuant to subsection 6(3) of the Housing Assistance Act 1996.
Detailed Information:
The Bilateral Agreement has been developed jointly by Queensland and the Commonwealth and is designed to outline directions for delivery of housing assistance in Queensland focusing on key areas of strategic interest to both parties. The arrangements outlined in the Bilateral Agreement are intended to complement arrangements set out in two other Bilateral Agreements, one for mainland Queensland and the other for the Torres Strait Region, which set out the specific outcomes, targets and strategies for the housing needs of Indigenous people.

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  • Legislation
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  • References

    Commonwealth Consolidated Acts (1996) Housing Assistance Act 1996
    Commonwealth and Queensland State Governments (2003) Commonwealth State Housing Agreement 2003-2008: Bilateral Agreement


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