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Strategy for Aboriginal Managed Lands in South Australia

Category: Policy/Strategy
Date: 1 February 2000
Sub Category:Policy/Strategy
State/Country:South Australia, Australia
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  • Subject Matter: | Environmental Heritage | Land Management
    Summary Information:
    'The Strategy for Aboriginal Managed Lands in South Australia (SAMLISA) was developed to examine land management issues across the State through consultations and workshops with Aboriginal landowners and managers and to develop a strategy to address these issues. This is the first time that a statewide natural resource management strategy has been developed for Aboriginal lands in Australia.' (Chester and Last, 6)
    Detailed Information:
    'SAMLISA's main aim is to promote the sustainable management of Aboriginal lands in South Australia, and support the priorities of Aboriginal people for the sound management of land, vegetation and water resources. An outcome of the strategy has been the development of a SAMLISA 'devolved grant' funding scheme for on-ground works. In an attempt to improve access for Aboriginal people to natural resource management funding provided by the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT), the Aboriginal Lands Trust applies for and manages NHT funding on behalf of SAMLISA. SAMLISA calls for applications for annual project funding from Aboriginal organisations, which is overseen by the SAMLISA Steering Committee. [...] Over thirty on-ground works projects have been completed since the development of SAMLISA. The strategy gained international recognition at the United Nations Convention for Sustainable Development where it was well received.' (Chester and Last, 6).

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  • References

    Conference Paper
    John Chester and Peter Last (2002) SAMLISA: Strategy for Aboriginal Managed Lands in SA (SAMLISA)



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