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Barranyi National Park

Category: Place
Sub Category:National Park
Place:Gulf of Carpentaria
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Summary Information:
'Barranyi National Park, situated in the Gulf of Carpentaria, is one of the Northern Territory's most remote visitor destinations. It's a peaceful, sundrenched wilderness haven within the Sir Edward Pellow group of islands and is owned by the Yanyuwa aboriginal people who live in the area. The island represents an important link in protecting and preserving the Aboriginal way of life, culture and traditions. Barranyi National Park is managed by the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission on behalf of the Yanyuwa people under a leaseback arrangement and in conjunction with a local management committee on which the traditional owners, the Commission and the local residents are represented.' (Travel Downunder, 'Barranyi National Park').

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