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Tripartite Agreement between the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, Warringah Council and the Brookvale Community Group

Date: 10 September 1998
Sub Category:Joint Management Agreement
State/Country:New South Wales, Australia
10 hectares of land owned by the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council in Beacon Hill on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, New South Wales.
Subject Matter: | Environmental Heritage | Employment and Training | Land Management | Cultural Heritage | Local Government
Summary Information:
The Tripartite Agreement was made between the Warringah Council, the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council (Metro) and the Brookvale Community Group. The agreement creates the opportunity for the Warringah Council and local residents to have greater involvement in land owned by Metro. The parties agree to promote their mutual aims by enabling conservation, fire management and rehabilitation of the land; making part of the land available to walking tracks; and fostering employment of Aboriginal people.
Detailed Information:
The aim of the agreement is to prepare a plan of land management with the following objectives:
a) to establish a plan of management over land in the ownership of Aboriginal people;
b) to permit public access to designated parts of the land consistent with the objectives and provisions of the plan of management;
c) to give special attention to any sites of significance to the Aboriginal people;
d) to foster co-operative working relationships with neighbours in carrying out complementary management measures which help to protect the key features of the land;
e) to protect significant areas of flora and fauna;
f) to protect identified items of European heritage value;
g) to carry out bush regeneration and to rehabilitate areas damaged by human interference, including weed infestation;
h) to carry out appropriate fire management practices on the land;
i) to promote and foster awareness and support for Metro's management program;
j) to enable the review, monitoring and amendment of the plan of management.

A Board of Management comprising representatives of Metro, Warringah Council and the Brookvale Valley Community Group will implement the agreement.

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