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Mimosa Aerial Control Agreement

Date: 17 September 1998
Sub Category:Regional Agreement
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter:Environmental Heritage | Land Management | Employment and Training
Summary Information:
The Mimosa Aerial Control Agreement provides for a program of eradication and control of the mimosa pigra weed in the north of the Northern Territory. The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC), the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (now Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development), the Northern Land Council (NLC) and the White Eagle Aboriginal Corporation agreed to provide joint funding and other contributions in kind towards the program.
Detailed Information:
'Under the agreement, the ILC will provide approximately $480,000 per year over five years for herbicides, helicopter hire and fuel. The Northern Territory will provide technical expertise, aerial mapping, GIS information, training to traditional landowners and the use of bulldozers and other capital equipment. NLC staff will facilitate consultation with traditional owners, contribute staff time and GIS information and White Eagle will contribute labour, vehicles and fuel.'

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  • References

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