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Darwin City Council

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Local Government
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Summary Information:
Darwin City Council is home to over 70,000 residents and covers an area of 144 square kilometres. The council employs 280 people and provides a wide range of community services. These include parks, reserves and recreational facilities, libraries, sponsorship of child care centres, road making and maintenance, waste disposal, recycling facilities, garbage collection, litter control, street lighting and car parking.

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Case Law
  • Risk v Northern Territory of Australia [2006] FCA 404 - Respondent
  • Risk v Northern Territory of Australia [2007] FCAFC 46 - Respondent
  • Policy/Strategy
  • Community Harmony Strategy

  • References

    Darwin City Council (2004) Your Darwin City Council
    Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (2004) Darwin City Council


    Local Government

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