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Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Aboriginal Corporation
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Office located in Jabiru, north east Northern Territory.
Legal Status: Listed with the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporatio
Summary Information:
Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Corporation set up and run by the Mirrar people, who are from the Jabiru and Kakadu areas of the Northern Territory. The Mirarr have explained the role of Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation:

'Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation is an organisation established, managed and controlled by the Mirrar independently of any agenda influenced by mining. The establishment of Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation occurred due to our people's dissatisfaction with jurisdictional and institutional arrangements on our land, including our ability to exercise our rights under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act, 1976 (Cth).

It was our intention to establish Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation to provide both for members and other Aboriginal people affected by the Ranger uranium mine, consistent with our cultural obligations. It is intended Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation will:

assist with housing and community services;
raise funds where appropriate for furthering their objectives;
publish and disseminate information;
maintain culture and protect heritage;
assist in establishing an economic base;
represent the interests of members in the development of regional agreements and other matters that will further self-determination;
assist with education, family programs, and community development.
Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation has not sought to duplicate any of the present functions of the existing organisations operating in our region. Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation exists to assist us to participate in informed decision-making regarding all matters and activities in relation to our land.

As reflected in clause 6.1 of the Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation Rules; Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation assists the Mirrar to protect and advance their rights and interests; and as reflected in clause 7.2 of the Rules; to ensure that the Mirrar responsibilities and obligations to other Aboriginal people are carried out.

Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation does this by undertaking activities in accordance with the direction given by our people through an elected governing committee.'

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  • References

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