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Maralinga Piling Trust

Category: Organisation
Date: 1 January 1994
Sub Category:Aboriginal Lands Trust (South Australia)
State/Country:South Australia, Australia
Summary Information:
The Maralinga Piling Trust is the body set up to manage compensation monies granted by the Australian Government to the Maralinga and Spinifex Country Traditional Owners as a result of the loss of access to lands due to the British Nuclear Tests in Australia.
Detailed Information:
As well as managing the Trust Funds, the Maralinga Piling Trust can:
- Work to relieve the hardship of the Traditional Owners and their descendants;
- Help the Traditional Owners to return to their lands;
- Assist with the health, education and welfare of the Traditional Owners and their descendants;
- Provide suitable training and support to help the Traditional Owners better manage their Lands and their own affairs;
- Look at setting up suitable businesses to provide jobs for the community.

It is important that when making decisions about the Trust funds, the Trustees always take into account the wishes of the Traditional Owners.

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    Aboriginal Lands Trust (South Australia) (Australia)

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