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Jabiru Region Sustainability Project

Category: Policy/Strategy
Date: 1 January 2003
Sub Category:Policy/Strategy
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Jabiru is located within the Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • Jabiru Regional Sustainability Project
  • Subject Matter: | Economic Development | Land Management
    Summary Information:
    The Jabiru Region Sustainability Project (JRSP) was established in 2003 to position Jabiru as a viable commercial centre following the decommissioning of the Ranger Uranium Mine. The JRSP was a cooperative effort to provide the Jabiru community with tools to develop its own future.
    Detailed Information:
    The Jabiru Region Sustainability Project produced five outcomes.

    A) The creation of a four step policy to involve the whole community in sustainable development. This is to be achieved through:
    1) Less complexity and more certainty;
    2) Access to community information;
    3) Developing a Shared Vision and Community Action Plan;
    4) Addressing community development changes.

    B) The establishment of a Kakadu Cooperation and Development Service. This will be a 'one-stop information shop' and will work to increase communication, cooperation and partnership between stakeholders to implement the four-step policy.

    C) Ensuring that regional information and research is accessible to the entire community. Sources will be accessible via a cross-cultural website.

    D) Pursuing open communication and identifying common ground. This involved building on core values and objectives to achieve regional sustainable development.

    E) Undertaking specific measures to implement the four-step policy.
    These include less complex and more certain land ownership through the development of a new Town Plan and a more secure property market, increased cross-cultural communication through a Gungjehmi language course, development of a waste management partnership and the creation of a school-to-work program for youth.

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