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Tsawwassen First Nation

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Local Government
State/Country:British Columbia, Canada
Summary Information:
The Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) has approximately 300 members and is one of 54 Coast Salish Nations. The TFN operates on a system similar to municipal government. TFN offer a range of social, cultural, economic and administrative services to the local community. Initiatives undertaken by TFN to revive Tsawwassen culture include the construction of a traditional longhouse and provision of Halkomelem language programs.

The Tsawwassen First Nation entered the treaty process in 1993. In 2004, the TFN signed an agreement-in-principle with Canadian and British Columbian Governments. Negotiations towards a treaty are continuing.

About half of the Tsawwassen First Nation live on the Tsawwassen First Nation Reserve. The Reserve is located in Delta, situated on Canada's west coast between Vancouver and the United States border.

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